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The place for adventures under water.

Since 1981, the professional dive centre Strømsholmen has been offering a unique mix of thrilling adventures to divers from all over the world.
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Strømsholmen : Adventure at 63°north

Great number of wrecks in different depth.

  • Rich marine life, more than 1400 species because of Gulf Stream
  • Celp forest
  • Drop off
  • Current diving (Atlanterhavsveien)
  • Diving with seal
  • Canyon
  • Good dive site with a lot of fish as Alpetoppen

If you seek ocean, fjords and fantastic nature, this is the place
to start.  We offer a natural eldorado for sports divers, with more
than 100 divesites within short range.  A fantastic experience is
waiting for you.  The area offers great diving in crystal clear waters, giant kelp forests, numerous wrecks, a rich marine life, drop-off and white, sandy sea beds.  The flora and fauna here is both
abundant and diverse due to the warm Gulf Stream, and can compete with anything found elsewhere in Europe.

Strømsholmen Sjøsportsenter Since 1981

Phone: +47 712 98 174 Email: post@stromsholmen.no


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