Location: Vevangstrømmen 

Category: Driftdive/nature.
Recommended dive-depht: 15-18m.
Bottom-caracter: Rocks, level sandy-bottom, kelp. The tide goes through a narrow pass, approx 10 m wide.
The current gains 3-4 knots.
Current/visibility: Strong/best visibility at incoming tide.
Fauna: Plenty of deadmans hand, nudibranches, schools of fish, soft-corals, squid, anemonies, catfish, angler
Photo-rek.: Wide angle, 15-28mm. 200 asa, flash. Plenty if dead-mans hand along the wall, nice motives at the narrow part in the sound.


Dive sites:

Location: Fogna  

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 Location: Vevangstrømmen 

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